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where there's a white, there's a way!

phillip white

meet the creators

asia white and benjamin white

It all started in 2020, when the world abruptly shut down; restaurants, businesses and our church. Our church, The Regenerated Church, needed a way to broadcast services to our members online. As Pastor’s kids aka PK’s, we had to step up to the plate. Ben picked up a camera, and Asia picked up a laptop.


From this moment, this brother sister duo was born. We got off to a rough start. It was a learning curve; learning how to record, edit, and stream all within a short period of time. However, from research, trial and error, and enrollment in YouTube University, we began creating quality content for the Regenerated Church. Once we hit our stride, other churches began to notice and began reaching out to see who was making it happen.

Once we began taking over the visuals of other services, we thought to take this duo the next level and to make it a business. From there, A to B Visuals was born.

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